Monday, September 12, 2016

The wind seemed to be getting a tiny bit on my nerves,especially now that I have to go out to the creepy forest and go with Dennis.Dennis has something scary about him that he will not share but,so far so good.suddenly without a stop Dennis swung around and tripped me up splat! "What was that for?"I yelled "you're like the rest of us,lonely,sad,still scared and ready for Nothing"Am not!"I screamed and tried to stand up although Dennis was too quick and he dragged me into a mud puddle "and for that,"he said "that was for the hit!" Oh no! He still knows about that!ages ago, Dennis pushed me in the school hall and i smashed into the wall then I hit him back but a little bit to hard and he ran away crying.Dennis seems to forget nothing and always returns the favor (in other words he gets you back for everything,and I mean e,v e,r,y,t,h,i,n,g,)now approximately 50 secs later I am running for my life Dennis jumps I swerve he misses I stop he seems to be able to have disappeared in approximately 4.8 seconds which if you ask me that is pretty creepy.Suddenly I hear a scream it's Dennis!then I hear scratching noises and then a huge roar I never knew taking out the rubbish could be so intense although right now I'm pretty safe,for now  Well I would not be surprised if I die in around 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 -I'm not dead im not dead ha ha! I'm not dead! Some strange guy is wandering around our house well-I'm not even sure what he is but I'm lucky he's gone."Dennis!" I'm looking for Dennis even though he tried to kill me I'm still really worried about him,just before I heard screaming and then scratching.I'm still almost peeing my pants when I hear growling is this thing human?i don't know but I'm just happy I didn't find out.hopefully i can take out the rubbish and save Dennis but,what am I doing out here? I didn't ask for this!I could dump the rubbish and go in and have hot chocolate in the warm welcoming home and get the rubbish in the morning but judging by how much Dennis screamed he could die!By the thought of that I start running for my life,again I can hear Dennis whimpering "is that you?"he says "please oh please help me"and there he was Dennis shredded up like an apple in a grinder "these horrible tiny things attacked me and they formed a wave over me!" Dennis crawls up to me still whimpering his head off "wait a minute,you say..." "Nooo!" he screams as these tiny little people drag him off I scream and run while Dennis gets dragged away.Those people are definitely not humans wait a second,I think I've heard of them before,trap goblins!its gotta be them!sadly they don't have a weakness and only are afraid of light,apart from that they will drag off anything once I heard they dragged a lighthouse away!if they can drag a lighthouse away they can drag Dennis away,but they don't eat it,they just get the pleasure of pulling its limbs apart.  i start running as hard as I can oh no! the trip garden I call it that because as soon as you enter it you trip up and get a facefull of muddy bog then it will be a perfect chance for the trap goblins to get me then they will drag me off and play with my head all night well,i certainly do not want that to happen so,if I could just jump over...splat! uh oooh,I can already feel there slimey hands groping me wait a sec,,,,,ok it has been a sec now  if i could reach out through aaaand.DENNIS! I can't believe he is still alive! wow he really is ripped up now if I pull “ooow!”he says “yes!”i gargle “is it really you?”he says yeah! he makes sense again! “Hey! If we pull each other towards the goblins they might run off!” “let’s give it a try!” he screams ”3!2!1! Pull!!!”a bunch of trap goblins scream at us and get bawled backwards and run off but that's not a lot compared to the amount that's  on me  we are going to to have to work a whole lot more to get all of them off now,oooowwww! There goes one of my fingers following excruciating pain if I were to pull just a tiny bit more and eeeeeeek! Well that certainly the unlucky goblin!"Dennis!"I yell "yeah?"he nervously answers how hard can you pull?” “why?” Now,by now the whole gang of goblins are on us so this is going to be pretty hard "on the count of three we're going to pull as hard as we can!" he yells"okay!"he responds I'm belly deep in trap goblin waves and my knees are badly grazed so by the time I'm home mums gonna have total proof that trap goblins stacked me,if I survive of course.we start pulling and pulling and the screaming starts screaming and screaming the high pitched squeals are the worse hundreds and hundreds of dead goblins start pouring all over us(it looks so disgusting I could vomit)and time for the last couple of unlucky goblins it looks as if they are saying-"we will be back!"...we are free!Off to bed with a ice hot cup a cocoa.Later when I'm in bed I think I can hear high pitched giggles from outside...  

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